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Wow! What a Wedding!

Assemble your entourage at our Tuscan-style villa, a short drive to wedding venues in Kleinburg, King, Caledon, Woodbridge, Aurora, and Newmarket. On the eve of your wedding, have a little get-together then stay the night at 20 Bells Lake B&B.

Make our B&B your home on your wedding weekend. We have room for your entire bridal entourage. Next morning, do your hair and make-up in our spacious lounge as you take turns having breakfast. Have your wedding flowers and bouquet delivered to our door and then do your photoshoot here just before the limousine service picks you up to drive you to your venue. After the celebration, arrive back at our place in no time. The following morning, have breakfast with your loved ones and reminisce your special day.

Check out our Weddings Album.

Get the idea? 20 Bells Lake B&B is just like home. Wouldn't it be nice to start from the comfort of your own home and then come back to it on your wedding night? That's 20 Bells Lake B&B.

Here are some popular event venues nearby:


King Township, which consists of Nobleton, Schomberg, King City


New Tecumseh, which includes Tottenham and Bond Head

Caledon, which includes Bolton and Palgrave

Aurora and Newmarket

“What an absolutely incredible experience! Superb hospitality and always warm greetings! The breakfast was amazing and you treated myself and my bridesmaids like royalty!...

(from our guest book, July 2009)

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