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  • Travel to Canada – things you need to know from passports to voltages to climate

  • Visitors to Canada – important regulatory information provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada

  • Canada Travel Forum - group discussion page on tripadvisor

  • Canada Border Services - is the agency that manages entry to and departure out of the country at all international airports and border crossings. The nearest US border crossings to Toronto are the entry points in Niagara Falls, Lewiston, and Fort Erie coming from New York State (approximately 90 mins drive).

  • Top 10 Destinations - as listed by Destinations Canada.


  • Toronto Pearson International Airport - is Toronto’s primary airport. Our B&B is in Nobleton in King Township, some 20-25 minutes north of the airport assuming light traffic. All major rental car companies serve the airport. Limo and taxi services are readily available any time at the arrivals area. Taxi fare between the B&B and Pearson airport is approximately $50 in either direction.

  • No public transit reaches 20 Bells Lake B&B.  A local taxi service is available within 20 minutes’ notice. Taxi fare from the B&B to local tourist locations, e.g., dining, shops, art gallery in Nobleton, Schomberg, and Kleinburg locations vary between $20 and $40.

  • GO Transit - is a public transport system of commuter trains and buses that run primarily during rush hours on weekdays, offering transportation services from various Ontario locations in the outskirts converging mostly in downtown Toronto. There are very limited services at other times.
    • The nearest GO train station is in King City, approximately 20 mins drive from the B&B.
    • The nearest GO bus station is in Kettleby, approximately 10 mins drive.

  • The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) - is the public transport system of trains, light-rail transit, buses, and streetcars that serve the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
    • The nearest TTC stations are the Downsview and Wilson stations, both approximately 30 - 35 mins drive from the B&B.
    • The nearest TTC bus stop is at Islington and Steeles on the Islington 37 Route approximately 20-25 mins drive.

  • York Region Transit - which is also known as “Viva”, is a public transit system of buses supporting the region of municipalities just north of the Greater Toronto Area. Viva, like GO, operates only during rush hour and then provides limited services at other times.
    • The nearest Viva bus stop is in Kleinburg, 10 mins drive from the B&B. This Viva bus can be boarded at the TTC bus stop at Islington and Steeles and runs every 30 mins but only during weekdays.

“On my journey as a seeker and communicator, I have had the privilege of visiting beautiful locations and encountering amazing people. To have both in this B&B is a gift indeed. You open your 'home' to travelers, and for that we are extremely grateful.”

(from our guest book, October 2007)

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