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A Gift for the Memories

Something exciting awaits…

Those are the first few words on the personalized 20 Bells Lake B&B gift certificate that you will give to your special someone, just as it begins to describe what’s in store, which is a stay or getaway experience to remember and cherish for a long time.

Treat mom and dad. Cheer up your best friend. Reward a deserving employee. Get your colleagues to pitch in and show appreciation for your boss. Or surprise your partner (and become a beneficiary of your own gift, too. What a deal!)

Select from any of our stay or getaway packages or alternatively pick any amount. We will customize the certificate to your requirements and tailor your greeting to the occasion. Within minutes, you will receive it by email ready-to-print so you can hand it to the lucky recipient. And it will never expire!

At 20 Bells Lake, we promise to do everything within our means to make each stay relaxing, most enjoyable, and full of great memories. And if their stay is a gift from you, we want you to be a distinct part of those memories too!

"Cheers for such a memorably warm nook for my birthday getaway weekend! Lindsey and I enjoyed all the fun features and I felt more like 25 than 35 after one of the best night's sleeps in yonks and yonks. Long live the B&B!

Orenzo and Lindsey
(from our guest book, July 2009)

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